5:00: PMDoors Open
5:40: AMDanny and Calum introduce the show on camera
Weight DivisionRed CornerRecordBlue CornerRecordRounds
6:00: PMHeavyweightStevinas “Baltic Gorilla” Redeckis (The Den Fight Center)0-0-0Michel Gregor0-23 x 3 Rounds
LightweightRustum Genjebaev (Fight City)0-0-0Jenya Hrybeniuk (The MMA Room)0-0-03 x 3 Rounds
WelterweightNile Nesbeth (Spartan MMA)0-0-0Rasmus Greenwood (Force Submission)0-0-03 x 3 Rounds
LightweightMoniy Khayitkulov (Fight City)1-2-0Salim Mohammad0-0-03 x 3 Rounds
FeatherweightTom Benett (FightZone)0-1-0Rhys Richards (Prime MMA)0-0-03 x 3 Rounds
WelterweightJoshua Schnegg (Cambridge MMA) (Cambridge Local)0-0-0Connor Warden (Premier Martial Arts Chelmsford)0-0-03 x 3 Rounds
WelterweightDorian Steel (FightZone)0-0-0Jordan Gilbert (Team Crossface)0-0-03 x 3 Rounds
BantamweightBlake Howard (The Den Fight Center)0-0-0Roy Pugh (Force Submission)0-0-03 x 3 Rounds
FeatherweightQasim Ander (Futuww)0-0-0Mario Matran (Prime MMA)0-0-03 x 3 Rounds
BantamweightRustam Rafiev (FightZone)1-3-0Bobby Carter (Misfits MMA)1-2-03 x 3 Rounds
LightweightCharlie Farmer (Bushin MMA)1-0-0Rasul Muhammed (Spartan MMA)1-0-03 x 3 Rounds
MiddleweightCourtney Henville (Buloke MMA) (Cambridge Local)1-0-0Luke Scott (MMA Room)0-0-03 x 3 Rounds
Pro WelterweightRyan Irwin (Cambridge Local)0-1-0Joshua Onwordi (The MMA Clinic)2-4-03 x 5 Rounds
BantamweightKieran Mezroui (GB Top Team)3-3-0Callum Hanman (Fight City)4-33 x 3 Rounds
Title FlyweightRienel “The Thrilla” Bronilla (Kinetics Fight Academy)4-4-1Rinchen Griffiths (Diesel Gym)2-4-03 x 3 Rounds
Title Pro Bantamweight“Super” Shane “Lyttz” Campbell (GB Top Team)Pro 1-2-0Duncan “Uptown Dunk” Djillali (Prime MMA)Pro 1-0-03 x 5 Rounds

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